A very brief help document!

Audio chess is an option to play chess by speaking the moves in algebraic notation in chess.

Audio chess is currently in a very initial phase of development with lot of bugs.

Most important pre requisite for anyone to use this is the knowledge of algebraic notation and the ability to spell it clearly.

To make the move through voice command, click/tap twice anywhere on the screen, allow audio access if asked and mention your move very clearly.

Before every move, one needs to click on this button to avoid recording other noises.

Making moves like d4, e4 are straightforward as user has to mention them as it is. (Currently the tool finds it very difficult to recognize e4 due to different pronunciations. There are some more such cases which needs to be fixed in the tool)

A work around for the file alphabets not being recognized is to use apple instead of a, ball for b, cat for c, dog for d, elephant for e, fish for f, grapes for g and hen for h! For example, instead of e4 you can say elephant 4 :)

International Braille standard names - 'anna','belia','ceasar','david','eva','felix','gustav','hector','eins','zwei','drei','vier','fnf','sechs','sieben','acht' - are also supported similarly

A move like Nxd4 needs to be spelt as 'Knight takes d4'.

Similarly Bf3 should be made by saying 'Bishop f3'

King side castle is 'Short castle' and Queen side castle is 'long castle' in the voice command.

When certain commands do not work then user can still make the move on the board or type in the algebraic notation and click on submit.

Feel free to drop a mail to vishwas.ib@gmail.com for any details or feedback!

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